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We are Shrewsbury residents who are fed up seeing sh*t in the River Severn.

Can you help us get our MP & the water companies to clean up their act?

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Raw sewage is being discharged into the River Severn in Shrewsbury and it's killing our beautiful river.


Water quality, wildlife and human health are all being affected.

Why is this happening?


It's the perfect sh*t storm... 

* Water companies regularly discharging raw sewage into the river

* Run off and pesticides from farming, especially poultry farming

* Illegal dumping of chemicals and rubbish

* A lack of proper government regulation 

It's not just the River Severn. The UK's waterways are in crisis. Just 14% of the rivers in England are rated as having a 'good' ecological standard. 

We have had enough! 

We want the Severn to flourish before Shrewsbury's Big Town Plan becomes more about 'rivercide' than 'riverside'

Can you help us stop this? 

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Join our Facebook Group

Read this excellent explainer from Zero Hour

View our guide on what individuals can do

Email your MP to stand up for rivers

Sign the Severn & Wye petition

Report any sewage spills you see to the

Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 (24 hour service) 

Install the Surfers Against Sewage "Spill Reporting" app

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Latest News

The Rights of the River


We have committed to starting action for the Rights of the River Severn, the longest river in the land (and with many tributaries). As the river approaches Shrewsbury its course starts turning southward, so it seemed appropriate to use the stretch around Shrewsbury as a starting point for change. 


The chosen stretch is from Montford Bridge to Atcham, which is roughly a tenth of the total length of the Severn. There are three tributaries on this stretch, the River Perry, the Rad Brook (a stream), and the Rea Brook (with its tributaries the Weston, Worthen and Workhouse Brooks).


The Rights of the River Severn was launched by the mixing of the waters collected from Montford Bridge, Frankwell, Atcham along with some drinking water from town sources. The combining of these waters represents the rivers need for clean water for itself, its inhabitants and other dependants. It also represents our human need for potable water.


Bottles of these Severn waters will be presented to the town council, the county council as well as our parliamentary representative, as a symbol of the vital life of the Severn. 


The Severn River’s Rights campaign is a positive campaign. Through community connections, from the arts to science, from recreation to industry, awareness of the life of the river grows. 


Anyone interested in getting involved please email 


Up Sewage Creek in the press

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All Videos

All Videos
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WASP: What did privatisation of the water industry ever do for us?

WASP: What did privatisation of the water industry ever do for us?

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Stinky Story

Stinky Story

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Not a River.mp4

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Up Sewage Creek protest in Shrewsbury

Up Sewage Creek protest in Shrewsbury

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